Dave Loescher

Dave Loescher


Dave is the heart and soul of goHUNT INSIDER — he is 100% focused on making sure that our INSIDERS get the edge they need to be successful in their hunting strategies and pursuits.

He is constantly researching the ever-changing rules, regulations and season structures across the Western US, analyzing data and leveraging his many relationships within the industry to produce the invaluable content exclusive to INSIDER.

Despite the blood, sweat and tears that Dave puts into INSIDER, he is pretty sure his wife and four amazing kids are convinced he spends his days surfing the web for hunting pics and buying gear online.

Dave has extensive experience in the hunting industry, having worked as a hunting consultant at Huntin’ Fool where he advised clients and also researched state regulations, wrote articles and managed the landowner tag division. Before making his passion his career, Dave worked in the financial sector at Academy Mortgage, Mountain Country Mortgage, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

Dave’s guiding principle is to always accomplish what you’ve committed to, and to never over promise or under deliver.