Chris Porter

Chris Porter

Chief Operating Officer

Chris is excellent at remembering that the customer always come first, and to never lose sight of that fact.

His background is in the online gaming & entertainment industry and has led high-impact initiatives at Golden Gaming and at Full Tilt Poker. He also picked up valuable experience working with a media & marketing firm and a sports agency.

One of Chris’ biggest professional accomplishments is socializing a 2,000-person company to not just accept social media but to embrace it, showing them how it can be a powerful tool to interact with customers and build brand loyalty.

Chris’ biggest personal accomplishment is convincing his wife that he does more than go to lunch all day and talk about hunting.

Also up there on his list of personal accomplishments is a beautiful baby daughter named Gianna, who sometimes shows up at the goHUNT offices for #CamoFridays — and wins Best Dressed every time.