Brandon Evans

Brandon Evans

Head of Research

As the Head of Research, Brandon goes the extra mile to ensure that the INSIDER products are not only up-to-date and valuable, but will help make a significant difference in your hunting experience.

Brandon brings a strong work ethic to the team as well a thorough understanding of goHUNT INSIDER needs. Brandon has over 18 years of hunting experience and grew up with the tradition of hunting with his extended family.

Before joining goHUNT, Brandon worked with the Utah Division of Natural Resources. As a Wildlife Technician, he worked with wildlife biologists and private landowners to solve problems that wildlife created for landowners, such as destruction of crops, fences and property. Brandon also helped with aerial counts for wildlife, mainly out of a fixed-wing planes and helicopters.

His family maintains that all he talks or thinks about is hunting and hunting gear — and Brandon couldn’t agree more, fully admitting that he is a hunting-junkie through and through.

He believes that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and that with determination and honest hard work, you can accomplish anything.