Ana Yoerg

Ana Yoerg

Managing Editor

Ana spearheads goHUNT’s content marketing strategy with her left hand while juggling the company’s team of talented writers with her right. 

She works with the core team on company initiatives such as brand marketing, user communication, PR and content distribution, but her priority is to consistently produce content that attracts and engages our readers.

She believes in the power of story, and particularly enjoys infusing data-based insights and rich media into narrative to make it jump off the page and into readers’ minds.

Ana has led communications teams at a number of technology companies, including Opera, Rumgr and Wikia (100M users), but her start was in publishing, working on editorial projects at the Annenberg Foundation and before that, at The New Yorker. 

Ana’s only experience with hunting was a camouflage phase in high school, but she loves the outdoors and has hiked in over 22 national parks, as well as trekked in international locales such as Nepal, Borneo, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, South Korea and the distant lands of…Canada.