The idea for goHUNT started in 2013 with the realization that there was a huge missing piece when it comes to hunting in the West. It seemed every other industry had moved into the online space for the sake of making their consumers lives easier. The complacency of the old school informational hunting companies created a huge void that hunters needed filled. That void was the complete lack of a convenient way for hunters to research and plan for hunts with filterable data to accommodate their personal needs.

Our mission was to create exactly what was needed for western hunters.

With the combination of the deepest hunting knowledge, technology expertise, data science, and the proper vision, we were able to use cutting edge technology to build a product set that simplifies a hunters life, and we changed the Western hunting scene forever.

Along the way, we built a strong community of like-minded outdoorsmen with a shared passion for hunting lifestyle content, breaking news, expert advice, proven gear selection, authentic films, and data-driven insights.

We are also proud to support national nonprofits like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Wild Sheep Foundation, as well as local organizations like Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn. As a 2% for Conservation company we put our money back into what we believe to protect conservation for generations to come.

Currently, we are needing to grow our team even more with passionate people who get fired up about building great products to match what's needed in the market.

goHUNT is always reaching new heights, so stay tuned for where we go next.


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